Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask™️ 💤

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🛑 Block Out All Noise, Light & Distractions With One Size Fits All Design 🛑 

Sleep is what we all need to reenergise ourselves for the next day, but it's something that many of us struggle with. If you are struggling to fall asleep at night, look no further! This Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask is the ultimate solution to fall asleep faster, experience deeper, light/sound blocking, wake up refreshed and energised, and fight insomnia!

✅  Reduce Stress & Anxiety + Relives Insomnia & Tiredness

✅ Fall Asleep Faster & Experience Deeper Sleep

✅  Listen Without Disturbing Anyone Around You

✅  Wake Up Refreshed & Energised

✅  Sleep Comfortably With Stretchy & Adjustable Design

✅  Block Out Noise, Light & Distractions

✅  Music + Meditation + Audiobook Compatible

✅  Lasts All Night Long [8 hours]

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

Listen Without Disturbing Anyone Around You, Trusted By 10,000+ Happy Customers 😊 Australia & NZ Wide.

Everything about the Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask was designed to experience deeper and quality sleep. This sleeping headphone mask helps revitalise you at night, so you can be at your best during the day!

Join over 10,000+ Australians who sleep better with Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask™️!

Sleep Comfortable While Protecting Your Ears 🛏️

Most traditional earplugs are proven to hurt your ears when used during sleep. They are also extremely uncomfortable and painful to sleep in. 
Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask is a bluetooth headphones specially designed to use during sleeping. You can now listen to your favourite music playlist at night, without pain and discomfort!

Proven To Help You Asleep Faster! 💤

Did you know? That listening to music at night is scientifically proven to help you asleep faster by 43%Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask allows you to relax your mind while comfortably enjoying your favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks & sleep stories nightly!

Premium Sound & Long Lasting Battery Life 🎵

This premium mask has built-in ultra-thin speaker providing immerse quality audio experience for a deeper sleep at night. The battery charges quickly via micro-USB & can play up to 8 hours of music during the entire night.

100% Washable 🤗

YES! Simply remove the speakers and control panel from its pouch so they are no longer inside the mask (NOTE: All electronic components are removable). Then you can wash the mask (we recommend hand wash).

Designed For All-Night Long 🌃

Cosy Sound-Sleep Mask is made with breathable, cooling fabrics that stay cool all night & the built-in speakers are extremely slim and won't cause any discomfort. You'll forget you're even wearing it.

How To Use? 🤔

How To Charge? 🤔

Feel Safe With A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading outdoor store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 60 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

⚙️ Technical Specifications ⚙️

Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours

Working Time: 8-10 hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Interior Material: Cotton

Size: 17.9in Length | 4.91in Width

Return Policy In Case of Change of Mind : The item must be unused and kept in its original packaging; otherwise, the return request will be rejected. For change of mind returns, the item must be returned within 7 days of receiving it, and a 10% restocking fee will be charged. If there are any issues with the items, don't worry—they are all covered. Check our return policy for more details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Daniel Myers

Awesome product. Feels and sounds great. Use it every night😁👌👌

Holland Patrick

Excellent product, it is comfortable and well heard

Ethan Ortega

The Mask is an amazing device, it offers me the ability to listen to whatever I like, white noise, audiobooks etc without disturbing anyone including my partner. And the mask blocks out any light even right next to me. Highly recommended!

Kathy Rivera

I have tried several different sleep masks and the this mask is hands down is the most comfortable. I am not hot wearing it and even though I wear a CPAP, this fits comfortably over my head and eyes. Sometimes I am a side sleeper and sometimes I'm a back sleeper. Regardless which way I sleep this mask remains comfortable and stays in place. The material is super soft and lightweight and the speakers are so thin that I don't even feel them when wearing the mask. love the type of velcro they use because it doesn't get snagged in my hair which is really important because I have a lot of hair.You won't go wrong but using this mask like I said I've tried several and either had a connectivity issue, a sound issue or a comfort issue and this music cozy mask is about as close to perfection as one can get. I also get about two nights out of each charge and it charges very quickly.My favorite feature is the fact that I no longer hear my husband snore 😍 And there are no light leaks thanks to the super soft silky padding at the base of the mask.

Cooper Julia

I sleep so much better with this mask, I pair my phone on Bluetooth to Mask I charged it first for 2 hours, It went all night, I found some good sleep music on YouTube that lasts for 11 hours. (I sleep for about 8 hours) The sound quality is very crisp and clear, I can easily adjust the volume. 3 little round flat buttons on the outside of the mask the on/ off is the middle. The quality of the mask is exceptionally nice. Sometimes I just sleep in it without listening to music it is so comfortable. The music helps me to sleep when external noises are too loud. like traffic and neighbor noise. You could listen to podcasts or audio books too, and great for travel. Highly reccommend