360° Cleaning Mop (+ 7 FREE Mop Pads) 🧹

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💡Do you find it challenging to clean high cabinets and windows effectively?

💡Have you ever struggled to reach and clean corners or high ceilings in your home?

 💡Are you tired of paying for expensive window cleaning services?

💡Do you wish for a mop that can efficiently clean all the tiny spaces in your home?

"As a 55-year-old woman, I can say that this mop is my best investment for home so far! This mop makes cleaning high areas a breeze, and I feel so much safer without using ladders. Plus, the 360° rotation is like a dance partner that effortlessly reaches every corner. Cleaning has never been this easy. I absolutely love this mop and I would definitely recommend others!"

- Liza, P (Melbourne)


Why Aussies Love This Mop? 🤗

✅ Effortlessly Reach High Cabinets, Windows, Ceilings, etc.

✅ Stay Safe, No More Risky Ladder Climbs

✅ Save $1000's On Window Cleaning Services

✅ Saves You Hours of Cleaning Time & Effort 

✅ 360° Rotating Head Helps To Easily Reach Hard-To-Reach Corners

✅ Super Fast Cleaning With Quick Water Absorption 

✅ All-In-One: Can Be Used on Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows, etc

✅ Mop Pads Are Suitable For Machine Washing

✅ 100-Day Risk-Free Trial

✅ Australian Owned & Shipped From Australia

Save Time & Effort Cleaning Every Corner of Home, Trusted By 12,500+ Happy Customers 😊 Australia Wide 🇦🇺

Recommended by Aussies, our 360 Rotatable Lazy Cleaning mop is suited for everyday cleaning and maintenance of the house. It allows you to clean difficult-to-reach areas with adjustable mop heights and make every corner shine. The mop pad is machine washable and easy to detach.

Super Easy To Squeeze Out Water 🤩

This mop has an auto-wring feature to squeeze excess water. The self-wringing technology makes cleaning easier without needing to bend down. It is made of a thick microfiber coating that easily absorbs dirt and grime from all areas.

Achieve Spotless Cleaning Without Needing To Bend 🤩

This mop functions optimally for wet as well as dry areas. It cleans efficiently without scratching the floors or leaving behind residue. This one tool is enough for cleaning the entire house in one go without having to bend over or any physical strain. 

Strong, Long-Lasting & Reusable Mop 💪

The mop head can be detached and is suited for machine wash. The product comes with 7 FREE cleaning pads, hence, you always can interchange between them whenever it seem necessary. 

Feel Safe With 100 Day Risk-Free Trial

Feel safe with 100-Day Risk-Free Trial  - We are Australia’s leading store, if you change your mind after using it, feel free to contact us within 100 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

⚙️ Technical Specifications ⚙️

Material: PP Plastic, Stainless Steel

Mop Material: Microfibre

Dimension: 130 x 27cm

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