15-Inch Surface Pressure Washer Head 🏡

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10X quicker & easier to clean surfaces

Gets rid of stubborn dirt, stain & grime

Cleans large surfaces in less time

Loved by 50,000+ Aussies

Loved by 50,000+ Aussies

This Surface Pressure Cleaner Is Perfect For Cleaning…




Any surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the package?

The package includes surface cleaner head, 2x 15.94" extension wands, 4x O-rings, nozzle cleaner, thread seal tape and replacement nozzles.

Is it safe to use on delicate surfaces like glass or chrome without causing scratches?

Yes, when used correctly and with the appropriate pads, this kit can safely polish and clean delicate surfaces without causing scratches or damage.

Will my pressure washer fit with this?

Our Surface Pressure Washer is compatible with ¼" Standard Quick Connect Inlet which Fits Most Standard Pressures Washers. If your pressure washer is not compatible with this size, you'll need an adapter for it. Kindly measure the connection part of your pressure washer and choose from the available adapters here: Adapter

100 Day Risk Free Trial - Not satisfied? Send them back for a full refund.

100 Day Risk Free Trial

Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Michael Hanley

I bought this to clean my patio pavers and my front concrete step. Both had discolored over a couple years with dirt and mildew/mold. The last time I cleaned them was with just a nozzle on the end of a wand. While the results were good it took about an hour and I was covered from the waist down in water and dirt. I bought this and cleaned the same area in 20 minutes tops without a drop of water or dirt on myself. The pavers were much cleaner without the "streaking" of the hand nozzle.

Marilyn Murphy

I don’t normally write reviews. I selected this washer out of dozens of choices and was surprised of the quality and results. It’s super smooth rolling, cleans great and the attachments are great quality. If you’re looking for one of these, this one will serve you well.

John Jacob

Performed very well cleaning pool deck. Finished project in half the time it would have taken without the surface cleaner. My wife 75, used the pressure washer and I brushed the dirty water away. It’s built very well and we were both pleased. The pressure washer did the job!!!

Norman E. Bonnette

I bought this pressure washer attachment after becoming frustrated with my old one that did not have the wheels. The difference is night and day. The wheels make it so much easier to maintain a consistent pattern while making it easier on my back. It cleaned quite well and I was very satisfied after only one use. I highly recommend this product.

William St John

My driveway was dirty and mossy, cleared the moss off and then used this surface cleaner and the driveway looks brand new.