Universal Metal Trimmer ⚙️

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Don’t settle for less. From superior performance to durability and reusability, this trimmer covers trimming in every aspect and cleans deep. The trimmer removes dirt and weeds in seconds even in unapproachable areas, which makes it the new standard for trimming.

Why You Need Indestructible Metal Trimmer? 🤔

✅ Save $1,000's On Buying Traditional Heads

✅ 100x More Powerful Than Any Traditional String Head

✅ No More Knee & Back Pain To Eliminate Annoying Weeds

✅ Easily Removes Grass, Moss, Weed, Dirt, Dust, and Any Pesky Weeds

✅ Plastic-Free Eco-Friendly Design – Help The Planet

✅ Free Adapter Kit Fits 99% Of Trimmers On The Market

✅ Saves Up To 8 Hours On-Line Replacement

✅ Durable & Sturdy To Make Lawn & Yard Care Fast & Easy

Making Weed & Grass Trimming Fast & Easy, Trusted By 10,000+ Happy Customers 😊 Australia Wide.

 Recommended by 10,000+ Australian Gardeners, our trimmer is designed to clean deep with ease and is made to be durable and last for a long time, unlike the average string trimmer. Designed to remove dirt and weeds fast & easy even in hard to reach areas.


Durable & Sturdy 💪

Indestructible Metal Trimmer easily removes grass, moss, weeds, dirt, dust, and any pesky weeds you want to remove from the yard, patio and driveway.

Multifunctional Use 🏡


String trimmers are relatively weak for the modern world. The 36 blades made of steel are powerful to perfectly shape your backyard. Now you don't have to replace trimmer head all the time because it's made of high-quality metal.

Feel Safe With 100 Day Risk-Free Trial

Feel safe with 100-Day Risk-Free Trial  - We are Australia’s leading store, if you change your mind after using it, feel free to contact us within 100 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

Super Easy To Install – How To Assemble? 🔧

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Indestructible Metal Trimmer replaces your current string trimmer head and lasts for years meaning less money spent and a cleaner, weed & dirt free space.

Please note: Trimmer may attach to your device differently. This is for demonstration purposes only. Every order includes a FREE adapter kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will not fit our Cordless Lawn Trimmer. We provide FREE blades with our Lawn Trimmer which are specially designed for using with our Lawn Trimmer.


Will it fit my trimmer?

With the provided adapter kit Trimmer fits 99% of the trimmers on the market. If after all, it doesn't fit your trimmer, contact us at support@outdoortoolbox.com.au and we will make sure to either provide a solution or give you a full refund.

How long before I need to replace the head?

Indestructible Metal Trimmer was designed to serve you for many years to avoid replacement like string trimmers, in certain cases of heavy usage you might need to replace it after 5-7 years.

Will it cause damage to the affected areas?

To avoid any damage to affected areas, avoid using Indestructible Metal Trimmer on soft materials and wood which are not intended to be used with our trimmer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

We used this to clean up our sidewalk. Worked great! Will be using it again to clean our patio tiles and grout lines. This definitely does the trick without chewing through all my string.


This trimmer head is truly a boss when it comes to weed whacking, cleaning and reaching places where my regular string head is not effective such as asphalt cracks and edging grass from driveways. Really happy with this trimmer head.


Very Very Sturdy! Usually, I'm sceptical about buying online but I'm so happy I bought this trimmer. This head looks mean. This is going to last really long time compared to strings. Attaching it to the trimmer was way easier than I thought which was a great relief for me.


This is great! I was looking for something to keep up with the yard work. It does what I hoped it would do makes my trimming really easy I'll probably buy another one, that's how happy I am with it.

Paul Myers

Excellent, never need to buy cord again!!! I have a bent shaft/electric trimmer and it fits... and wow, does it cut!! Highly recommend.