Furniture Mover Kit (+ 4 Wheels)™️

$89.99 $170 Save $80

Easily move heavy furniture by yourself

Avoid pain and risk of injury

Protect your floors from scratches

Loved By 50,000+ Aussies

Loved By 50,000+ Aussies

This Furniture Mover Kit is Perfect for…

Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving Houses

Rearranging Home Interiors

Cleaning Underneath Furnitures

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the package?

The package includes surface cleaner head, 2x 15.94" extension wands, 4x O-rings, nozzle cleaner, thread seal tape and replacement nozzles.

Is the Furniture Mover Kit safe for my floors?

Yes, the kit is designed with floor protection in mind. It includes smooth, non-abrasive sliders or pads that prevent damage to flooring surfaces.

What types of furniture can I move with the kit?

The kit is versatile and can be used to move any heavy furnitures, including sofas, tables, chairs, dressers, appliances, and more.

How much weight can the wheels handle?

The wheels can easily move upto 150kg weight.

100 Day Risk Free Trial - Not satisfied? Send them back for a full refund.

100 Day Risk Free Trial

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Grace Thompson

Great product. Especially if you want to color and have a couch table, etc. in the other room without bringing people in.

Emily Johnson

This set is a God send! Had a problem with my washer and had to try and pull it out of the very snug fit under my worktop which is pretty difficult when you're over 70!!! My friend had one if these and showed me how to use it so I could borrow it till I bought one of my own. I have no worries now if I need to move any of my appliances or heavy furniture.

William Brown

I move heavy furniture parts every week and for this, these scooters are a dream. I had also bought another model, which unfortunately disappointed and therefore I can really recommend it. I have glued on the surface to lift up still blocks and can therefore raise even higher. Great thing!!

Ethan Carter

I was hesitant to purchase this kit, but I'm so glad I did. It made our move stress-free and saved us from any potential damage to our new floors.

Logan Thompson

The Furniture Moving Kit has been a lifesaver for me! It made moving heavy furniture a breeze. No more straining or damaging my floors. Highly recommend!