Cordless Electric Scissor (+2 FREE Steel Blades)

$99.99 $170 Save $70

10x quicker & precise cutting results

No more hand cramps & fatigue

Effortlessly cuts through tough materials

Loved by 50,000+ Aussies

Loved by 50,000+ Aussies

This Cordless Electric Scissors Is Perfect For:

Textile workers


DIY enthusiasts

Home improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

When you order today, you will receive a 1X Set of Electric scissors, 2Pcs FREE Tungsten Steel Blades and 1X Set of Charger

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

Typically, the battery lasts for several hours of continuous use. However it can give 3 plus hours of usage in single charge.

What materials can the electric scissors cut through?

The electric scissors are designed to handle a variety of materials, including fabrics, cardboard, and thin plastics, making them versatile for numerous cutting tasks.

Are the electric scissors heavy to hold?

No, they are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, minimizing hand fatigue during use.

100 Day Risk Free Trial - Not satisfied? Send them back for a full refund.

100 Day Risk Free Trial

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Daniel Walker

The blade is sharp and durable, even after months of heavy use. Due to an arthritic thumb, I've been unable to cut material with regular scissors for sewing These cordless scissors are wonderful, going to order a spare pair, excellent product.

Scarlett Turner

Cutting up cardboard boxes with a box cutter knife is hard work, uncomfortable, and you are going to get cut. I tried many types of scissors, knives, and powered trimmers and scissors to find something faster, easier and safer. This Cordless Electric Scissors. Easy to hold. FAST. Very little muscle power needed. Long lasting battery. cutting myself. Now, breaking down boxes is fun.

Thomas Martin

These scissors are great for cutting just about anything. I used them to cut a thick carpet to the size I needed and it was like slicing cheese. I use them often to open boxes and them cut them down for recycling - the tool makes it very easily done. I highly recommend this product.

Ivy Clark

These electric scissors work like what you hope they will. The go through fabric like butter and allow you to cut more without fatigue. After sustaining a hand injury I have had to stop cutting fabric for a time. These have solved that problem! I am impressed with the ability to not just cut straight but around curves even at a fast speed. These are a game changer for my sewing. Looking forward to putting them to the test with heavy layered fabrics in the future. So glad I tried these!

Benjamin Clark

As a tailor, I rely on tools like these for efficiency. They haven't disappointed. Works really well, clean quick cuts on the straight or curves. So pleased as wrist pain I was experiencing with scissors is a thing of the past.