Anti-Theft Sound Alarm 🚨

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#1 Australia's Most Loved Anti-Theft Light Alarm

🚨 Keep Your Bike Safe At All Times 🚲 🔐

"Best bike alarm in the market period! I love my bike and I ride it everywhere I go. In the past my bikes have got stolen even with traditional locks but this sound alarm has been doing wonders to keep my new bike safe. The alarm is super loud and the light features are just amazing. I highly recommend this to other bike riders!"

- Lachlan, M (Sydney)

Trusted By 12,500+ Bike Riders 🤗

✅  Save $$$ By Protecting Your Bicycle With Sound Alarm Sensor

✅  Prevent Accidents With Auto-Brake Light Feature

✅  7 Levels of Sensitivity Options for Alarm

✅  Saves Battery With Auto-Off Feature In Bright Environment

✅  No Longer Wave Your Hands For Turn Signals

✅  Find Your Bicycle In Crowd With Built-In Horn Feature

✅  Capacity For Long Rides [Holds Up To 70 Hrs]

✅  Easy To Install & Use [Wireless Remote Control]

✅  Waterproof + USB-C Rechargeable

✅  Know When To Charge With Charging Level Indicator

✅  Australian Owned & Operated

Packed With Cool Features 😎

⚠️  Warning Lights For Theft Protection

🛑  Brake Lights For More Safety

🔔  Electric Bell To Locate Your Bike

🚨  Built-In Anti-Theft Sound Alarm

⬅️ ➡️  Turning Signals For Safer Ride

Ride Stress-Free & No Longer Worry About Bike Theft 😍

Recommended & approved by Australian bike enthusiasts, our Anti-Theft Sound Alarm is designed to prevent theft that leads to unwanted losses and headaches. It is extremely durable and lasts for a long time. Join over 12,500+ Australians who have had their bikes secure and have come to love using their Anti-Theft Sound Alarm!

6 Different Light Modes To Keep You Safe 🚨

The Anti-Theft Sound Alarm features 31 LEDs with 6 different light modes available for you to choose from (as shown below). It is visible up to 150 ft away

Sensor Alarm To Keep Your Ride Secure 🔒

A recent study showed that a bike is stolen every 90 seconds 😲. With security in mind, the Anti-Theft Light Alarm is designed with built-in vibration sensor and 110db siren alarm. It warns the bike thieves and alerts people around the area about bike theft.

Auto-Brake Light + Turn Signals 🚦

The device automatically senses braking and turns on the brake light on the tail end of the bicycle. The package also includes a wireless remote control that can be used for turn signal (both left or right).

Feel Safe With 100 Day Risk-Free Trial

Feel safe with 100-Day Risk-Free Trial  - We are Australia’s leading store, if you change your mind after using it, feel free to contact us within 100 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

⚙️ Technical Specifications ⚙️

Battery Life: Lasts Up To 70 Hours

Loud Bike Horn: 3 Different Tones

Tail Lights: 6 Light Modes

Max Light Output: 160 Lumens

Waterproof: IP65

Charge Type: USB Cable (Included)

Weight: 0.29 kg

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