How a Journey to Melbourne Became a Struggle for Survival for One Family

Monday, November 23 ‍
by Tony Miller

It was an uncomfortably-hot summer day, the Smith’s family, including husband, wife and two kids, embarked on a journey from Brisbane to Melbourne to see their grandparents in the middle of the year.

They were prepared for the road trip. Husband made sure to service the car a week before the trip and the mother packed all the snacks for the trip. They were prepared or at least that's what they thought.

The open road promised an adventure, but little did they know, life can take unexpected twists and their trip would turn into a tale of survival…

The Stranded Family’s Outback Nightmare

As they drove through the remote stretches of the Australian outback, their car suddenly stalled and came to a stop - miles away from the nearest petrol station, with no phone signal.

The family was stranded, the boundless outback their only company.

The husband checked and found that the front-right tyre went flat. He didn’t imagine this as a possibility at all and never prepared for such a stranded situation.

Fear, Helplessness and Hope

The hours ticked by under the unforgiving sun. Panic set in as the family realised their crisis: no water, no help in sight, and a car that refused to move.

It's the middle of the year, so unfortunately you can’t expect many travellers driving on that road either.

The couple felt helpless, and their kids' frightened faces were all desperation for some hope. This was the family's worst nightmare.

Just as hope seemed lost, thanks to God, a local, Mick, appeared like a fantasy. He pulled his car next to use and rolled down the window and said

“Hey, mate! Just checking if everything is ok - do you need help?”

The wife’s eyes welled up with tears as the husband explained their situation.

Mick reached into the glovebox, pulled out the perfect tool to turn the family’s tragic story into a happy ending.

Inflatemoto: The Guardian Angel for the Motor Vehicles

In times of crisis, this reliable Inflatemoto was just the lifesaver needed to rewrite this story.

Mick jumped out of the car with a very compact looking device. Mick connected the Inflatemoto to the flat tyre and checked the pressure. It had dropped to a dangerously low 10 PSI.

As Mick explained to Mr Smith, the Inflatemoto is an easy-to-use portable tyre inflator that can inflate anything in minutes. From four-wheel drive to sports calls, you just have to screw the nozzle, push a button and it starts inflating immediately,.

Within minutes, the Inflatemoto had breathed life back into their flat tyre. The family was relieved, knowing their journey could continue. Mick, with a knowing smile, handed them his Inflatemoto, insisting they keep it for the road ahead.

A Sigh of Relief: The Journey Resumes

This encounter wasn't just about inflating a flat tyre; it was about the reassurance and safety that Inflatemoto provided.

The family was no longer stranded and continued on their journey forward.

Within minutes, the Inflatemoto had breathed life back into their flat tyre. The family was relieved, knowing their journey could continue. Mick, with a knowing smile, handed them his Inflatemoto, insisting they keep it for the road ahead.

What is Inflatemoto?

Inflatemoto is a compact, rechargeable and portable air pump that is so easy-to-use.

It’s a super powerful air pump but so small and portable. It comes with an air hose, along with several connectors to use for so many different items such as motorbike, sports ball, air mattress and more.

When you turn it on and connect the air hose to your tyre, you will see the current pressure reading on the large LED display screen.

Why Every Car Needs An Inflatemoto?

The Smith family's story is a testament to the unexpected. With Inflatemoto, you're not just carrying an air pump; you're carrying peace of mind.

The story of that day serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of being prepared on the open road. Inflatemoto, the ultimate portable tyre inflator, is not just a device, it’s a lifeline in moments of crisis.

With Inflatemoto by your side, the days of searching for a petrol station or waiting for roadside assistance over when disaster strikes. Its compact and portable design ensures that you can easily tackle tyre inflation, no matter where you are.

There are even more benefits of Inflatemoto than you can imagine...

Underinflated tyres ruin grips rapidly, leading to costly replacements, while overinflation can result in dangerous handling issues. By maintaining accurate tyre pressure at all times, you’ll enjoy better mileage, a smoother ride, and extended tyre life.

The high cost and delay of tow services can turn a simple tyre issue into a costly, time-consuming nightmare. You can save easily between whooping $300 - $900 on towing cost by simply carrying Inflatemoto with you - smart, economic choices for smart drivers.

You never have to worry about finding and relying on petrol station nearby which has tangled hoses and a hard-to-read screen. Inflatemoto has an advanced digital LED display that gives accurate readings every time, making it a reliable & compact device to carry on all rides.

Best Part? It is so easy to use…

Step 1:

Pressure the power button and set the desired PSI by either choosing from the 4 preset modes (Car, motorbike, bicycle & sports ball) or manually setting the PSI.

Step 2:

Attach the hose to your tyre and press the power button to start Inflatemoto. It will immediately begin inflating your tyre to the correct PSI.

Step 3:

Once the correct PSI is reached, the Inflatemoto will shut off automatically. HOW COOL IS THIS AUTO SHUT-OFF FEATURE.

Now you can simply store it in the glovebox and get back to driving with confidence, knowing that you can navigate unexpected challenges with ease.

Inflatemoto Inflates Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Inflatemoto is one of the only devices its size that can inflate up to 150 PSI. It’s the perfect tool to inflate anything from truck tyres to sports balls. That is impossible to do with a small hand pump.

You can use Inflatemoto for so many things such as:

  • Car tyres (Including SUV, 4WD, sedan, hatchback, and all other types)

  • Motorbike tyres (Including dirt bikes)

  • Bicycle tyres

  • All kind of sports balls (Such as footy, basketball, and soccer ball)

  • Inflatable tubes

  • Golf carts, UTVs and ATVs

  • Pool Toys

  • And much more

Now you’re probably wondering….

That’s Great, What Does it Cost?

The Inflatemoto is a trusted device by over 20,000+ Aussies who have saved over $1,000’s of dollars on tyre cost. Not only this, it has saved them from so many headaches and frustration from waiting for hours for road-side assistance to arrive.

No one wants to spend between $300 - $600 on impractical and expensive commercial inflators. Besides the costly price, what's not convenient are those devices are large (so difficult to carry or store) and require to be plugged with a power.

Before Inflatomoto, I was not aware of such a compact and portable tyre inflating pump until I discovered this device while browsing on Facebook.

Inflatemoto normally retails for $190 + shipping fee. When compared to the cost of a mechanic shop, towing service or needing to buy new tyres earlier than necessary… it truly is a no-brainer!

However, they are running a Christmas offer where they are offering up to 40% discount + FREE Shipping on their website.

Learning from the Smith family’s nightmare, don't let your family's story turn into one such disaster. Equip your car with Inflatemoto and drive with the confidence that you’re ready for whatever the road throws your way.

The time, money and stress the Inflatemoto alleviates is well worth it. Having an easy way to check and fix your tire pressure solves one of the biggest problems we have when owning a car.

Perfect when preparing for road trips, emergency situations and never ask yourself... Where can I check my tyre pressure? How do I fix the tyre pressure? Can I find a petrol station pump?

Now you can have a powerful, portable air pump of your own!

Secure Your Inflatemoto Today & Remain Safe On the Road!

For a limited time, you can save up to 40% + FREE Shipping Australia wide.


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