Tactical Outdoor Gloves🧤

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AUSTRALIA'S #1 Most Powerful Gloves On The Market That Keeps Your Hands Safe & Never Rips Off💪

Our Ultra Protective & Powerful gloves feature cut, wear, and water resistance levels not seen on the market. The Tactical Outdoor Gloves effectively protect your hands from scratches, cuts, and cold weather. Ergonomic cushions for knuckles are designed to absorb the impact so work without worrying about your hands.

SAFEGRIP™ - Tactical Gloves – Secure Lyfe

✅ Protect your hands from scratches, cuts, and cold weather (cut and water-resistant)

✅ Perfect for all industrial standard work and heavy industry work.

✅ Perfect for Multi-Outdoor Sports Activities like motorbike riding, cycling, hiking and much more

✅ No more scares and painful wounds on your hands

✅ Save $1,000's every year buying gloves which eventually will get torn!

✅ Ergonomic cushions for knuckles are designed to absorb any impact. Perfect for outdoor use.

✅ Touchscreen compatible, so you never have to remove the gloves when accessing your phone or any other device.

✅ The gloves are anti-slip & have excellent grip while being really lightweight

✅ Touch anything, break everything while keeping your hand 100% safe.

✅ 10,000+ Happy Australian Customers

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Risk-Free - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Protect Your Hands Today With The Tactical Outdoor Gloves, Trusted By 10,000+ Happy Customers 😊 Australia Wide.

Everything about the Tactical Outdoor Gloves was designed to assure your hands remain safe and protected. Our gloves are proven to protect your hands from any kind of cuts, scratches, wounds along with keeping your hands comfortable in any weather.

Join over 10,000+ Australians who have had their lives changed and have come to love using their Strong Tactical Outdoor Gloves!

Tactical Outdoor Gloves- Great for Any Activity And Work 🚴‍♂️👷‍♂️

They are great for multi-outdoor sports activities. It can be used for over 20 different activities such as Motorcycle, Cycling, ATV Bike, Dirtbike, Riding, Off-Road, Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Fixing your garden and etc. Also suitable for various kinds of work, such as lumbering and heavy industry.

Indestructible Tactical Gloves

Provides The Best Comfort For Any Work👷‍♂️👨‍🌾🧑‍🔧.

With ventilating holes on the back of your hands, our gloves give you breathable comfort in both hot & cold conditions.


The gloves help achieve better performance giving you the protection you need to feel confident while you are training, working in a cold environment, cycling, riding a bike, or just a plain tire change on the road.

Industry-Leading Features:

✅ Doesn't affect natural fingers movement

✅ Kevlar Knuckles

✅ Ultra-Protective Full Finger Design

✅ Cut-Resistant Palm

✅ Touch-Screen Compatible

✅ Leather Design


Feel Safe With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee😊

Feel safe with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading outdoor store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!


1. Width: Measure the width of your palm at its widest point below the knuckles.

2. Length: Measure from the bottom of your palm (where it meets your wrist) to the top of your middle finger.

Match these measurements to the chart below. This will give you your estimated glove size.
HAND WIDTH 11cm 11.5cm 12cm
HAND LENGTH 18.5cm 19cm 19.5cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Loved them! So comfortable, ease of use and they seem to be durable.


Тo be honest ... after seeing the ad I doubted the strength of the gloves and how they were presented as indestructible. C’mon a man who hits a wall and breaks glass?!

Anyway, I decided to give them a try. It was the perfect delivery day because I had to help a friend who bought a house nearby and we had to clean the yard. Glass, rubbish and dangerous slats with nails ... The gloves really amazed me. At the 10th minute I threw the slats carelessly, cleaned the windows and felt absolutely no damage to my hands. When I got home, the gloves were dirty and I couldn't tell if there was any damage. After my wife rewashed them I was amazed (for the second time) there was not even a scratch.

My friend ordered 2 pairs and we added another one for me. The gloves are a unique find and the price is just ridiculously low for the work they do. I'm glad I decided to give them a try.


Use these for everything in the shop, work very well for protection. Have used them a lot and been very durable. Are comfortable and allow for good dexterity, even for things like hand threading screws. Have bought many pairs of Tactical gloves and like all of them. These particular pair are notably more protective for knuckle protection and I use them more for heavier duty tasks.


These ACTUALLY are touch screen compatible! You would be surprised how many claim to be and arent!
The adjustable wrist strap is AWESOME!


These gloves are being used at work. I load items into trucks and sometimes I squash my hand . Well these are the answer to that poblem. And their comfortable and can still use my phone