Inflatable Outdoor Mattress 🛏️

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Sleep In Comfortable Anywhere - More Durable, Warm & Cosy For Every Adventure 🏕️

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you are going to fall in love with this Inflatable Outdoor Mattress. This mattress is extremely durable and ultra-lightweight, it also provides maximum comfort and protection from the cold. It has a built-in pillow that ensures a good night’s sleep, like your own bed. Designed with 144 insulated flexible air cells that contour to the exact shape of your body which helps you achieve a comfortable night's sleep no matter where you are.

Bed-Like Comfort

Built-In Pillow For Better Sleeping Experience

Ultra Lightweight & Super Compact

Designed for Outdoors

Easy to Inflate & Deflate

Extremely Durable - Dual Layered Material

Warmth, Convenience & Top-notch Portability

Setup & Pack Away In Seconds

Puncture Resistant, Tear Resistant & Waterproof

Multi-Layer System To Protect Against Cold

✅ Perfect for Camping Trips, Movie Nights, Sleepovers, Hiking, Backpacking, EVERYWHERE!

Australian Owned & Operated

Risk-Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Making Your Trips More Enjoyable, Trusted By 10,000+ Happy Customers 😊 Australia Wide 

Everything about the Inflatable Outdoor Mattress was designed not only for comfort but also for warmth, shielding your body from the cold ground. That is why we have an ergonomically designed multi-layer system inside our mats to ensure absolutely minimal heat will be passed from you to the ground. Camping, backpacking, hiking, trekking or mountaineering? This mattress is for you. 

Solution For Your Backache & Neck Pain – Bed Like Comfort 😴

We understand the pain of suffering from backache and neck pain every time you go camping. This is why we thoroughly tested the comfort of our mattress with thousands of people until it was certain to be one of the most comfortable rated mattresses ever. 

Built-In Pillow For Better Sleep 🛏️ 

The top of the mattress is padded in the shape of a pillow to provide a proper cushion for your head and neck, which is critical to your comfort and a good night's sleep. We have researched and tested hundreds of sleeping mats before deciding to create the Inflatable Outdoor Mattress, the most durable sleeping pad on the market. 

Super Compact 📦

Unlike that bulky sleeping, mattress swinging around on the side as you walk. Experience true convenience with the Inflatable Outdoor Mattress, which is as small as a water bottle when folded up.

Extremely Durable 🛡️

As hikers & campers ourselves, we made sure the mattress does not pop on us. Hence, we made this mattress using durable dual-layered material for ultimate resistance. Our testing proves that this is one of the most durable mattresses on the market. 

Ultra-Lightweight – Very Easy To Carry On Your Outdoor Trips 🎒

The typical outdoor mattress weighs 1-2 kg/2-4 lbs. That’s ridiculous in our opinion. Our Inflatable Outdoor Mattress weighs only 500 grams/1.1 lbs, our goal was to minimize the weight of our mattress as much as possible.

Feel Safe With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading outdoor store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 30 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

 How To Use? 🤔

⚙️ Technical Specifications ⚙️

Extended Size: 75 x 23 inches (190 x 58 cm)

Folded Size: 9 x 4 inches (23 x 10 cm)

Weight: 1.1 Lbs (500g)

Thickness: 2.2 inches/56 mm

Material: Double Layered 40D Nylon + TPU + Patent Nozzle (PGN)

R-value: 4.2

Maximum Carrying Capacity: 450 lbs/200 kg


Have Questions In Mind 🙋 ? We Got You Covered! 💯

Q: How much time and effort does it take to inflate and deflate? 

The mattress is very easy to inflate and deflate. Inflate in 8-15 breaths, or you can use our air bag inflation tool. Deflate in just seconds.

Q: Can my dog use this mattress?

Yes! Our mattress has no problems with dog claws.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Eric Jordan

I've tested this sleeping pad for a few days and I'm thoroughly satisfied with its quality. I don't have any doubt that it will last quite a while for its purpose. The length is ideal for my size (5'11") with a good extra half a foot to spare. The different of sleeping on this to the ground makes it entirely worthwhile to purchase for camping. I couldn't imagine going camping without it. It all packs nicely in its included travel case and the packed size takes up about the same space as a couple waterbottles. All in all, I definitely would recommend one of these for camping or any other purpose

Joseph McDonald

Ultra lightweight, no nonsense design. Having spent many years in the military sleeping on an array of mats, both issued or purchased out-of-pocket for use in the most extreme of conditions, I can say with complete honesty that I've never had one that is as lightweight as this; not only does it roll or fold up into nothing, but it also accomodates my 6'4" frame. Whilst I no longer need a sleeping mat that can stand up to the rigour of field ops, this works perfectly when used in a tent or sandwiched between my sleeping bag and bivi bag for sleeping under a basha - it keeps the ground from drawing your body heat away and it inflates in just a few breaths. Again, the best feature of this is the ultra lightweight, minimal packing dimensions (it'll squeeze into any gap in your rucksack) making it perfect for backpacking or even sunbathing/picnics etc.

Alan Jackson

Perfect for backpacking or rafting. I took this on a 4 day trip down the wild and scenic river. It takes up very little space and was much easier to pack than previous mats. No pump needed and with minimal effort (you can step on the integrated pump if you prefer) It blows up to an impressive size. I experienced a more comfortable sleep than I would have with thinner blow up mats. The individual air pockets allow for some give for your hip bone and shoulder if you are a side sleeper. I have used this three times so far and did not have to re inflate during the night. Seems durable.

Lisa Harper

Exactly like in the pictures. It's practical, compact and super easy to inflate. Very good quality material. I loved it.

Madison Riley

Tested it out right away, and right off the bat I found it pretty easy to set up and deflate, and while laying on it it was pretty comfortable, like I was in my bed, no back pain, no stiff joints or anything like that. Would definitely recommend!