Mini Cordless Electric Leaf Blower & Garden Vacuum

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#1 Australian Gardeners Best Companion ❤️

Clear Away All Leaves In Minutes With Strong Suction & Blow 💨 🍂

“This handy cleaning tool has finally brought peace to my life. I can easily clean my garden without worrying about bending over for long which saves me from physical strains. The size is perfect for my arthritic hands, lightweight and easy to control. Thanks to this cordless leaf blower/vacuum, my garden and sidewalk always stay clear. Highly recommended!”

- James, S. (Adelaide)

Trusted By 50,000+ Aussies 🤗

✅ Easily Gets Rid of All Leaves Within Minutes

✅ No More Bending To Pick Up Leaves [Prevents Physical Strain]

✅ Saves You Time & Money Cleaning Your Garden

✅ 5x More Efficient Than Manual Cleaning

✅ Now You Can Clean Large Areas Within Minutes

✅ Powerful Air Blow & Strong Suction Ensures Quick Cleaning

✅ Allows You To Tackle A Wide Range Of Cleaning Tasks

✅ Lightweight & Handheld Design Reduce Fatigue Even After Hours Of Use

✅ Interruption-Free Cleaning With Long-Time Battery Performance

Australian Owned & Shipped From Australia

No More Back & Knee Pain When Cleaning Garden 🏡

Tired & frustrated from draining your energy cleaning your garden? Then you need Our Cordless Electric Leaf Blower - an easy-to-use, portable & powerful cleaning tool for all your indoor & outdoor cleaning needs

Works As Vacuum + Blower 😎

With our 2-in-1 Cordless Leaf Blower, enjoy the convenience of a single tool that seamlessly transitions between blowing & vacuuming modes. In blower mode, it delivers strong air gusts to blow off and gather large amounts of leaves for easier disposal. Switching to vacuum mode, it efficiently collects small or hard-to-reach leaves without harming plants.

Meets Diverse Cleaning Needs 🧹

From effortlessly blowing leaves off sidewalks to cleaning pet hair from carpets and dust from challenging spots like window track gaps, our Cordless Leaf Blower is a go-to tool for indoor & outdoor cleaning.

Package Includes: 📦
1x Cordless Air Blower
Long hose
Short hose
Cloth bag
Working head
2x Batteries
1x Charging adapter

Feel Safe With 100 Day Risk-Free Trial

Feel safe with 100-Day Risk-Free Trial  - We are Australia’s leading store, if you change your mind after using it, feel free to contact us within 100 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

⚙️ Technical Specifications ⚙️

Material: Plastic & Rubber

Voltage: 24V

Power: 1000W

Battery Included: 2

Battery Capacity: 15000 mAh

Air volume: 10 m³ / min

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Hilton Kilback

I had an electric leaf blower that was TOO powerful for me. I'm a petite woman and I was always a little nervous when I used t. It was also quite heavy. I finally decided to give this cordless one a try. It is amazingly light weight. I think the battery is heavier than the blower lol. I specifically chose this one because it comes with 2 batteries and I have a rather large patio and lawn. As soon as I received the blower I charged the battery and went to work. Not really work since it's actually fun to use. I was able to do my entire patio and lawn without having to switch out batteries. The power is just right. It doesn't make me deaf and it doesn't cause leaves or debris to blow back in my face. I'm so happy I bought this and hope that it lasts for several years.

Gisselle Stamm

I got this for my dad, and he likes it since it is cordless, and the 2 batteries let him finish the garage, and the gardener do the driveway and sidewalks easily. Also, the sound level is reasonable (particularly compared to the obnoxious gas powered blowers the hired gardener would use if we didn't have him use ours).

Blaze Feil

This product has eliminated my need for sweeping the deck and garage. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. I like the two battery option so I have a backup if I'm in the middle of a big project.

Marielle Rolfson

Total game changer over my old one that needed a cord. Super light so it's easily used while Im in my wheelchair. Battery life is great, and you get 2 batteries, I cant see a situation where I'd need to stop mid job.

Keely Bogan

It is small and powerful. The leaf blower was purchased to blow grass off of the deck on the riding mower. It works great!